Plastic ID Card Printers

We have partnered with the best card printer manufacturers in the market namely, Evolis,Datacard, Fargo, Bravo, Magicard and Zebra. 

We customize brand specific solutions around our printers for Evolis Badgy entry level printer, Evolis Elyspso, Evolis Zenius, Evolis Primacy simplex and Duplex, Evolis Avansia, Evolis Primacy lamination, Evolis Quantum, Evolis Tatoo RW, Evolis Issengo, Evolis Privelio, Evolis Privelio XT, Datacard SD 160, SD 260, SD 360, SD 460, CR 805, CD 800, CE 840, CD 800 Lamination, Fargo C50, Fargo DTC 1250e, DTC 1500, DTC 4500, DTC 550, DTC 5500 LMX, HDP 5000, HDP 5600, HDP 6600, HDP 8500 And HDP 600ii Financial card printer. 

We also have a service center for Evolis, Datacard, and Fargo printers.