Entrust DuraGard Laminate 508808-001 Holographic laminates

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Lamination can add years to the life of your plastic ID cards to save you money over time, and can prevent tampering to heighten your organizations security. Laminates offer the strongest defense against abrasion and chemical attack. Datacards unique formulation provides optimal moisture-resistance and tamper evidence, with an innovative design that provides the largest area of protection.

Datacard 508808-001 DuraGard laminate overlays meet or exceed the vast majority of security and durability requirements, which is why Datacard is an industry leader. Featuring a Secure Globe hologram overlay, youll know that your cards carry a superior level of security and durability that is simply the best money can buy.

Datacard 508808-001 works with lamination modules for Datacard SD460 printers. Each Datacard roll laminates up to 350 plastic cards with protection that will last for 3 - 5 years.